Welcome to, the website of Matthew Juffs.

Built using ASP.NET MVC 5.0, this website serves as a holding page for now, whereas in the past it used to host a blog of random thoughts. You can browse the original VBScript code used to build SlickCMS on GitHub - for nostalgia reasons, or for shits and giggles.

This page itself uses a collection of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery - which you can view at or browse the code for the framework on GitHub.

In the future I plan to build another Blog using C# and SQL Server - and begin writing informative articles for the world to see. But for now, this website will suffice, while I focus on enjoying life.

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About Matt

Born in May 1984, I'm a forty-something Chief Software Architect working for Heritage Digital in Cromford, Derbyshire.

Originally from Windsor, I moved to Lincoln to study BSc (HONS) Games Computing (Software Development) at the University of Lincoln. After graduating from University, I began a career in Web Development using the Microsoft stack.

I now live in Pentrich, Derbyshire - and I'm Husband to Leanne, Daddy to Lily, Mia, Alisha, Tegan, Annie-May and Florence.

Elsewhere other places on the internet where you can find me

The internet is everywhere and I can be found in some of those places. Firstly, there's my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Stack Exchange - and I try to release some of my work on GitHub.

Code snippets that I've come across or written myself, can be found on There's also a few useful tools on - and the code is available in VB and C#

A copy of my Dissertation can be found on along with a few screenshots of games and project photos.

If I've missed anywhere, you could always Google Matthew Juffs and see what results are returned. They're pretty good at search.

Contact me using the power of email

matt [at symbol] slickhouse [dot] com